3 Reasons YOU need time for YOU


Happy 2019! I’m always in awe at how quickly the year(s) go by. There’s usually a point around March or April where I start wondering “when will the weather get nice?!” - living in Wisconsin really shows the gamut of CRAZY weather - then around July I think “whoa! time…SLOW DOWN!”

Anyway, my point is the days are long and years are short. And before we know it, time has gotten the better of us. With this in mind I want to remind you that as the days, weeks and months drone on it’s SO SO SOOOO important for you to take a few moments for yourself - get up and move!


Because, #1 you DESERVE IT. Yes. YOU. DO. It’s proven that taking time for you (whatever makes YOU feel good) helps you be a better person. So many that come into the studio will always say, “yoga is my time, it helps me be a better mom/dad/spouse/friend”. I really love knowing that MPY can be that place for people to unwind and refill their cup.

#2 Refilling your cup will help YOU give MORE! We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup - it’s time to refill your cup!

#3 Prevent future injuries. Yoga will help to sculpt muscles and work on your balance which will in turn help you prevent injuries in the future! Yoga also helps you gain flexibility - and being “flexible” doesn’t mean the same thing for every body.

NOW is your chance to schedule your class and make time for you! Yes YOU DO HAVE TIME :)
The image below are a few yoga poses for you try - take a 3-5 minute desk stretch break!

ps - you can buy gift certificates, so bring your friend/mom/dad/spouse!



Yoga for your work day!

Yoga for your work day!

Holistic Health Month!

Happy March! 

Did you know March is Holistic Health Month? 

March can feel like one of the longest months - especially in Wisconsin. We see the full gamut of weather - snow, wind, ice, rain, sun. You name it, we see it. Sometimes all in one day.
Thanks Mother Nature ;) 
So often the weather can be a big bummer this time of year which leads us to often feel like we're in a slump. This is the time of year that we can start making some changes in our holistic health in order to set us all up for success in those warm summer months! 

Now you may be asking, what is holistic health? 

Holistic health is taking into consideration the whole person. Meaning mind, body, and soul. Have you ever thought about your health as a whole? Or divided aspects of health up into more manageable pieces to make one whole piece?

Holistic Health

There are 5 main pieces to holistic health (in no specific order) - intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and occupational.

You could (and should!) add eating into that mix as well. Because when you eat good food (i.e. veggies & whole grains) you almost always will feel better! 

Often changing just one meal (or snack!) can put you on the road to success when it comes down to changing our eating habits. Maybe drink 8-12 oz of water instead of a soda. Or reach for some almonds (think about just a handful!) or carrots and hummus (or sub in whatever veggie, nut, fruit) instead of reaching for a candy bar or sugary snack. Trust me...the sugary sweet snack usually sounds better but at the end of the day the carrots or nuts will often keep you fuller longer! 

There are so many more ways to enrich your life in these 6 aspects! And don't feel like you have to tackle ALL of these all at once! That can be quite overwhelming. Simple changes are often the best and easiest way to start and SUCCEED!! When you succeed you want to do more!

Another easy way to succeed is to get yourself moving! Maybe a walk on a sunny day or a yoga/tai chi/pound class if it's not so sunny (or even if it is sunny! ;) ) 

We want you to succeed - so we're putting on a SALE at MPY! For ONE WEEK at Midwest Power Yoga classes are $5!

That's right - $5 drop-ins (cash only!) for the week of March 11 - March 17!!!

See you on the mat! 


How to sign up for an account with MPY


This blog post is for you to reference when making an account with our scheduling software! 

Schedule page

Schedule page

First, navigate to our schedule page - www.midwestpoweryoga.com/schedule

Next, scroll down the page to view our schedule. 

Click BOOK button

Click BOOK button

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Clicking book will open a new page and bring you to the login screen. 


Student Sign In

Student Sign In

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Once you are signed up you will be able to sign into your account and continue purchasing your class passes. 

After logging in you will come to the store page where you can purchase class passes. Click the cart button to add a class pass to your cart. When you are ready to check out click the GREEN CHECKOUT button in the upper right hand corner.

Class passes

Class passes

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From here you will be able to click SCHEDULE in the upper left hand corner and book your classes! 

If you have any questions please CLICK HERE to send us an email! 


Hot, Humid and Harrowing

I wish a picture could describe the temperature, but it just can't. Think a cross between a summer yoga studio in Maggie's class with the window closed and a hot shower ALL DAY LONG! I drank 4 bottles of water didn't use the bathroom once until after dinner... probably not the healthiest!

So besides the weather, it was like a standard day of work in the office and assembly plant. Nothing really to tell you about there, but the dinner after work is worth sharing.

My team was taken to a classic Chinese restaurant by our Chinese coworkers. I'm travelling with a group of 5 people, one who has never been to China as well as two who have only been here once before... so a classic Chinese dinner is a great experience for them (me, not so much LOL).

A classic Chinese meal takes place around a large round table with a large "lazy Susan" in the middle. The hosts order many dishes and they come out one by one from the kitchen. For this meal, we have 7 people and approximately 15 different dishes were served. This restaurant also has the feature of live tanks to pick your "dish" from... different fish, sea creatures, turtles, etc. We refer to these meals at the "Wheel of Mystery."

Dishes included items with duck (all parts skin, meat, and bones), abalone, sea cabbage, chicken, beef, pork, different fish, roasted garlic, egg custard with clams, and a build your own Bejing duck wrap "station." Enjoy the pictures! (Click on the image and more fun food pictures will carousel through!)

The travel continues today, after we are done in the office today, we are taking a high speed train to our next destination, Xiamen! The train ride will be approximately 4.5 hours but will offer so many more great views of China than air travel. Plus, at this time of year the trains always run on time, while China domestic air travel can be very unpredictable due to the weather.        

Map of train travel

Map of train travel

Namaste MPY Yogis!


Travel and Meditation

Two days of solid travel... left Sheboygan Falls at 7:30am Sunday and arrived at Hotel #1 Monday at 11:30pm... how do you do it? Meditation is my answer. The 13+ hour flight was a great place to practice breathing exercises and visual meditations. Now don't get me wrong, I'm normal and watched a bunch of movies (Oceans 11, 12, and 13 and the new Beauty and the Beast) too, but when I thought I just can't sit any longer, I turned to meditation. Breathing in on a count of 4 and exhaling to a count of 8... 

When I arrived to my hotel room the first thing I did was shower off the airplane, but then I found a cozy spot in my room and re-centered myself before going to bed. I took a melatonin tablet (great for combatting jet lag) and sat quietly for about 15 minutes before I felt ready to climb into bed. 

I slept a solid 6 hours and awoke to a hazy morning on the 47th floor of the hotel. I decided to start my morning with some stretches and balance to help me feel grounded as I begin my day. Doing yoga when traveling can be a simple as simple as that. The first morning after two days of travel can be hard, I wasn't feeling the need for a sweaty flow, just some stretches and balance overlooking the city was all I needed.


Now it's off to breakfast and then off to work... Namaste MPY Yogis!


Follow Anne to China

Hey there awesome MPY yogis... many of you know I travel to China for work three to four times a year. Well, I'm headed over the pond again. While I'm away from the studio, I thought I would keep connected by blogging this next trip. I will share with you how I still get yoga in daily, as well as some of my experiences on the other side of the world. I leave Sunday (7/30) and will be back in Sheboygan Falls on Saturday (8/5).

Here are some stats about this trip:

  • The direct flight from Chicago to Beijing is 13 hours and 35 mins.
  • I will take 4 different flights and 1 high speed train on this trip.
  • I will stay in 3 different hotels.
  • I will not eat any Chinese food... he he he he!

Stay tuned... Namaste!