Follow Anne to China

Hey there awesome MPY yogis... many of you know I travel to China for work three to four times a year. Well, I'm headed over the pond again. While I'm away from the studio, I thought I would keep connected by blogging this next trip. I will share with you how I still get yoga in daily, as well as some of my experiences on the other side of the world. I leave Sunday (7/30) and will be back in Sheboygan Falls on Saturday (8/5).

Here are some stats about this trip:

  • The direct flight from Chicago to Beijing is 13 hours and 35 mins.
  • I will take 4 different flights and 1 high speed train on this trip.
  • I will stay in 3 different hotels.
  • I will not eat any Chinese food... he he he he!

Stay tuned... Namaste!