Travel and Meditation

Two days of solid travel... left Sheboygan Falls at 7:30am Sunday and arrived at Hotel #1 Monday at 11:30pm... how do you do it? Meditation is my answer. The 13+ hour flight was a great place to practice breathing exercises and visual meditations. Now don't get me wrong, I'm normal and watched a bunch of movies (Oceans 11, 12, and 13 and the new Beauty and the Beast) too, but when I thought I just can't sit any longer, I turned to meditation. Breathing in on a count of 4 and exhaling to a count of 8... 

When I arrived to my hotel room the first thing I did was shower off the airplane, but then I found a cozy spot in my room and re-centered myself before going to bed. I took a melatonin tablet (great for combatting jet lag) and sat quietly for about 15 minutes before I felt ready to climb into bed. 

I slept a solid 6 hours and awoke to a hazy morning on the 47th floor of the hotel. I decided to start my morning with some stretches and balance to help me feel grounded as I begin my day. Doing yoga when traveling can be a simple as simple as that. The first morning after two days of travel can be hard, I wasn't feeling the need for a sweaty flow, just some stretches and balance overlooking the city was all I needed.


Now it's off to breakfast and then off to work... Namaste MPY Yogis!