Hot, Humid and Harrowing

I wish a picture could describe the temperature, but it just can't. Think a cross between a summer yoga studio in Maggie's class with the window closed and a hot shower ALL DAY LONG! I drank 4 bottles of water didn't use the bathroom once until after dinner... probably not the healthiest!

So besides the weather, it was like a standard day of work in the office and assembly plant. Nothing really to tell you about there, but the dinner after work is worth sharing.

My team was taken to a classic Chinese restaurant by our Chinese coworkers. I'm travelling with a group of 5 people, one who has never been to China as well as two who have only been here once before... so a classic Chinese dinner is a great experience for them (me, not so much LOL).

A classic Chinese meal takes place around a large round table with a large "lazy Susan" in the middle. The hosts order many dishes and they come out one by one from the kitchen. For this meal, we have 7 people and approximately 15 different dishes were served. This restaurant also has the feature of live tanks to pick your "dish" from... different fish, sea creatures, turtles, etc. We refer to these meals at the "Wheel of Mystery."

Dishes included items with duck (all parts skin, meat, and bones), abalone, sea cabbage, chicken, beef, pork, different fish, roasted garlic, egg custard with clams, and a build your own Bejing duck wrap "station." Enjoy the pictures! (Click on the image and more fun food pictures will carousel through!)

The travel continues today, after we are done in the office today, we are taking a high speed train to our next destination, Xiamen! The train ride will be approximately 4.5 hours but will offer so many more great views of China than air travel. Plus, at this time of year the trains always run on time, while China domestic air travel can be very unpredictable due to the weather.        

Map of train travel

Map of train travel

Namaste MPY Yogis!