Holistic Health - Occupational Health

Have you ever thought about your occupational health?

I think it's something that gets over looked quite often when taking our overall health into consideration. I know for me, owning a business (or two!) can be completely overwhelming and it's quite easy to get caught up in the "busy-ness" of it all. It's also difficult to go from work to home because work is always at my finger tips and there's always something to do. 

Finding that line between too much and just enough is a lot like walking a tight rope. That delicate balance is ever changing - especially with a new baby! However, over the past few months since Maeda has been here I have learned to have a better balance of work and home. Let me tell you - it has been such a good thing for me! In the past I've always been working or busy doing this and that. But now, I'm forced to stop and care for Maeda and myself! It's truly been the best thing for me and my family! 

Here are a few things that have helped me:

- knowing that its OK if something doesn't get done ASAP
- writing down items that I need to get done and putting a date behind them of when I'd like them to be done
- setting a timer on my phone during nap time for 30 or 45 minutes (usually the length of a nap) and choosing 1 or 2 items on that list to focus on
- shutting everything down (emails, computer,etc) when Drew is home for the evening

The last bullet point has been a major for me! I've always been one to answer emails as they come in on my phone or answer phone calls as they come in - no matter what the time is. For me it feels so good to know I have some sort of "working" and "non-working" hours. 

Now, I know these won't work for everyone. However it never hurts to try!

Could you implement these for your tasks that you do at work?
Do you know when you've hit your work limit?
How do you unwind?
Do you turn off the "busy"?

Leave a comment and let me know how you keep a healthy work/life balance!