Holistic Health - Social Health

Let's chat about some more holistic health.
Next up - Social Health 

Before I was a mom I loved having alone time and working for myself. And don't get me wrong I still love both of those things but now as a mom I CRAVE social time more than anything. Maybe it's because I spend the majority of my day changing diapers, feeding, and playing with my girl (all things that I love - maybe not the diapers, but I do love spending my days with my girl). Or maybe it's because for the first few weeks of mommy-hood I didn't leave the house - like literally didn't leave for weeks ;) at any rate becoming a mom has taught me the importance of having a social life and also having a few moments all to myself.

When thinking about holistic health its important to think of the person as a whole. So how does social health play into all of this? 

Think about how you feel when you see someone you're friends with or someone you love. You feel great! Happy! Excited! All of those good emotions! All those good vibes do really good things for your body. Now, I'm not saying that this is an end-all cure-all for what ails you - but I am saying that when your mind & body feel good it gets easier to take care of you! 

And on the flip side, it's also equally as important to take some alone time. Be that a coffee date alone, a trip to the grocery store, maybe even a walk down by Lake Michigan. Or maybe a yoga class! ;) 

How do you feed your social health?