3 Reasons YOU need time for YOU


Happy 2019! I’m always in awe at how quickly the year(s) go by. There’s usually a point around March or April where I start wondering “when will the weather get nice?!” - living in Wisconsin really shows the gamut of CRAZY weather - then around July I think “whoa! time…SLOW DOWN!”

Anyway, my point is the days are long and years are short. And before we know it, time has gotten the better of us. With this in mind I want to remind you that as the days, weeks and months drone on it’s SO SO SOOOO important for you to take a few moments for yourself - get up and move!


Because, #1 you DESERVE IT. Yes. YOU. DO. It’s proven that taking time for you (whatever makes YOU feel good) helps you be a better person. So many that come into the studio will always say, “yoga is my time, it helps me be a better mom/dad/spouse/friend”. I really love knowing that MPY can be that place for people to unwind and refill their cup.

#2 Refilling your cup will help YOU give MORE! We all know you can’t pour from an empty cup - it’s time to refill your cup!

#3 Prevent future injuries. Yoga will help to sculpt muscles and work on your balance which will in turn help you prevent injuries in the future! Yoga also helps you gain flexibility - and being “flexible” doesn’t mean the same thing for every body.

NOW is your chance to schedule your class and make time for you! Yes YOU DO HAVE TIME :)
The image below are a few yoga poses for you try - take a 3-5 minute desk stretch break!

ps - you can buy gift certificates, so bring your friend/mom/dad/spouse!



Yoga for your work day!

Yoga for your work day!