Memos from the Yoga Mat

I’m so excited to introduce Memos from the Yoga Mat!

This blog space will allow myself (Maggie) as well as others in the MPY community to read what we are up to, see different things we are doing and share! My hope is that this space will serve as a gateway for others to see that yoga is more than just a series of poses on a mat.

I also hope this space will serve as a reminder that yoga happens on and off the mat.

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The name ‘memos from the yoga mat’ came to me literally on my mat one day! When I practice I usually have a piece of paper close so that I can write down any inspirations that come into my brain as I practice. Sometimes I write down different yoga poses that I’ve strung together or that are being practiced on one of the videos I have on. Other days I write down different meditations or thoughts that I have.

Can you relate?!?! I feel like I’m always writing things down so I don’t forget them!

Most days when I write things down, I wind up walking away from the paper/notebook and not looking at it for a few days. But on this particular day I was really drawn to the fact that blogging had even crossed my mind. Let’s face it, blogging is another THING to do and I found myself thinking ‘Do I really have the time?! Is this something that I need to do?!”

Honestly I found myself answering yes to both of those questions. Yes because I’m sure I’m not the only one who has post-it’s and notes all over the place. And Yes because I have all of these thoughts swirling around that need a place to land.

This is a space for notes and things that I’ve found or wonder about! I’m sure some of the topics will be all over the place…that’s usually what happens with my notes.

But, when you bring it back to yoga - isn’t a yoga class kind of all over the place?? We’re down and up, to the front and back and all over!

So Welcome to Memos from the Yoga Mat!