Essential Oils

MPY uses Young Living Essential oils to power our fresh studio smells and support our immune system!

We use Thieves Cleaner to clean our floors & a mix of Lavender, Thieves, Melaleuca and Peppermint in our mat cleaner!

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WHy Young Living?

Why shouldn't I buy oils from the grocery store (or target dollar section)???

+ some have synthetic fragrances that are not natural—which means you won't reap the benefits of true essential oils. Synthetic oils can actually do more damage to your body because they can store as toxins, unable to be released. We’ve even seen terrible options being sold in health food stores!

+ Some oils are watered down so you need to use more, which doesn't end up being cost effective, nor does it give EO's a good name.

+ It's one thing to make sure the oils you get are "pure" but any company can say that. It's an entirely different thing to have the testing capability to ensure EXACT standards on the potency and therapeutic quality of all of the constitutes within the oil.

+ You can have a "pure oil" that wasn't grown at the right pH or it was harvested too early, and although that lavender (for example) may smell amazing - it has absolutely no therapeutic effect when you use it.

+ Over the 25 years of YL being in business, they have developed the largest library of Essential Oil samples for testing IN THE WORLD.

This MATTERS because any company can claim they have the highest quality oils on the market, but the only way they know is by testing their oil against their OWN library—& no one has the size of library that YL does for testing.

+ We trust YL oils because of the seed to seal promise. This process ensures that every single process—from picking the seeds, to prepping the soil, to harvest, to distillation is done to the highest standards.

So many people have said how quick and effective these oils have been for them—it’s really hard not to love their products!

A few of our favorite Young Living products!

Favorite Products

Did you know that Young Living has MORE than just oils?!?!

We LOVE the Thieves Household cleaner!

Wholesale VS retail?!

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