Workshops & Personal Training at MPY


Each month at MPY we offer 2 30-minute workshops -
One is on the Pose of the Month (called the Yoga Lab)
And the other is on the Smell of the Month - our current favorite scent that we’re diffusing.
These workshops are $5 each!
If you are an MPY member with a month auto-pay!

We also will offer larger workshops at the studio from time to time! Our next workshop will be a Gong Meditation with Michael Bettine 10/27 at 1030am!

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Personal Training

Personal Training/one-on-one/small group sessions
(all sessions 60 min!):
1 session - $60
3 sessions - $165
5 sessions - $250

Please select ‘Yoga’ when you book your one-on-one session!

These sessions can be for small groups or for a single person! They are meant to help you dive into more aspects of yoga!

Maggie is currently taking on pre- and post-natal clients for private instruction.

Carrie is currently taking on athletes who are looking to gain more flexibility and yoga knowledge.

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